About Us

About Our Story

S.J Engineering Company was established in 1994 by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals to employ the best engineering practices in the field of plumbing and sanitary installations. Under the careful supervision of seasoned professionals and a dedicated team of workers, technicians and site engineers, we are equipped to take up projects right from the pre-planning phase and see them through to completion. With a workforce of 25 staff and over 40 trained technicians and workers, we treat every project with the finest of attention to detail it requires.



SJ Engineering Company is led by people with vast experience and expertise in the field of plumbing. While there is a clear hierarchy to ensure smooth flow of work, the partners are directly involved in every aspect of the project so that there is zero likelihood for errors, delays and cost overruns.

The organization structure and profiles of our senior resources are as follows.

Jose Antony, Operating Partner

With over 37 years of experience in the industry across India and abroad, Jose Antony gives the organisation the leadership and its employees the vision required to deliver superior results project after project. Besides, he cultivates in the organisation the practice of giving the tiniest of detail in every project, the best of attention

Jobin Jose, Partner

Jobin Jose brings in a fresh perspective, loads of enthusiasm and the perseverance to see every project through to its timely completion.
With the objective of adding value to the client and delivering the best on each project, he adopts and implements innovative systems, practices and techniques in our processes from time to time.

Jessen Jose, Partner

Jessen Jose is currently responsible for acquiring and disseminating knowledge about the latest advancements in the field of plumbing by actively learning and following news, trends and best practices from other parts of the world.

Saji Varghese, General Manager

Saji Varghese is the most senior engineer in the organisation. He plays a pivotal role in managing and monitoring every project at every stage from designing, planning, testing, commissioning of equipment, to submitting compliance reports and finally, handing over the project